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Windows server appfabric setup

windows server appfabric setup

This name can be modified if necessary.
The resolution was to run prerequisiteinstaller.The installation process copied to a space engineers tutorial building a ship folder on the local hard disk all the required files for adding features.Unless your Server 2012 installation is connected to the Internet, you'll need to remember to have the installation media handy.Exe with command line parameters to directly specify the filename for each prerequisite. .On the Deployment Configuration page, you'll be asked whether to add a DC to an existing domain, add a new domain to an existing forest, or add a new forest.Click Install and the AD Directory Services binaries will be installed.Almost every organization with Windows client OSs has at least one server functioning as a file server.Click Close to dismiss the.
From the pool of servers, choose the server on which you want to install.

Add Roles and Features, wizard or the Install-WindowsFeature Windows PowerShell cmdlet.You can specify custom service accounts at this point, although the benefit of using virtual service accounts is that the OS manages the account's password, ensuring that it's changed on a regular basis.(Both are included with the default installation of Server 2012 and don't need to be installed separately.) You also need to have deployed the AD Directory Servicesrelated Remote Server Administration Tools.BranchCache for Network FilesAllows the server to support BranchCache functionality, allowing files served to be stored on BranchCache clients across the WAN.File servers running Server 2012 can handle more clients than file servers running Server 2008 R2 and are much less likely to choke under heavy load.It's a good idea to have a uniform password across all DCs in your organization, rather than separate passwords for each.This isn't the case with Server 2012.Figure 6 shows the use of the Install-addsforest PowerShell cmdlet to deploy and configure the DC role.You can find out more about Storage Spaces in the Microsoft article " Storage Spaces Overview." Deploying the File Server Role The default installation of Server 2012 includes the file server role, so you can start sharing files immediately after completing installation.
To reduce the size of the Server 2012 installation footprint, Microsoft hasn't included all roles and features in the files that are copied when the OS is installed.
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