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Photo editor pencil sketch

photo editor pencil sketch

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Back in the Gradient Fill dialog box, I'll change the Angle of diner dash 1 serial code the gradient from its default 90 to 135, which ps3 media player windows will cause it to run diagonally across the image, creating a bit more interest: Changing the angle of the gradient.
Click on the Background copy layer in the Layers panel and, just as we did with the original Background layer, drag it down onto the New Layer icon: Dragging the "Background copy" layer onto the New Layer icon.
The Multiply blend mode is one of a group of blend modes in Photoshop that darken the image, and right away, we see that my sketch now appears much darker: The effect after changing the Levels blend mode to Multiply.Your document will temporarily be filled with the gradient: The gradient temporarily blocks the sketch from view.Choose Levels from the list that appears: Choosing a Levels adjustment layer.Step 13: Change The Blend Mode To "Color" With the "Color" layer now the top-most layer in the document, your original image will re-appear, blocking the other layers below it from view, which is obviously not what we want.Don't click on the color swatch itself or you'll open the Gradient Editor which is beyond the scope of this tutorial.Layers panel, you'll see the image sitting on the.
When the input image is a photo, usually it's a good idea to use the "smart strokes" option below.
To select a gradient, double-click on its thumbnail.

I'll try a pinkish-purple this time: Choosing a different color from the Color Picker.Step 15: Add A Solid Color Fill Layer To colorize the sketch with a single color, we'll use one of Photoshop's Solid Color fill layers.You can go back and try as many different colors as you like until you find the one that works best: The sketch colorized with purple.To choose a gradient, click on the small arrow to the right of the gradient color swatch at the top of the dialog box.Then, press and hold ShiftCtrl (Win) / ShiftCommand (Mac) on your keyboard and press your right bracket key ( ).216, shares, hi cafe Crew, here is a brand new tut for you all.If the color appears too strong, you can reduce it by lowering the opacity of the "Color" layer.