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Office 2004 for mac uninstall

office 2004 for mac uninstall

It is gonna work by dragging when you try to remove a packaged software.
For more info on whats included in this script, see completely remove ALL files When all other options have failed to resolve your problem, you will need to manually remove all Office for Mac files along with your preferences.Option key, and then select, library.Download the Office 2001 Remover from."Remove Office" removes both preference files and custom templates, so you should make a backup copy of the preferences and templates in another location on the machine before running the removal tool.In the Finder toolbar under Go, paste in this path: /private/var/db/receipts does not remove Automator Actions in Library/Automator does not remove Microsoft Preferences in / Library/Preferences.Go to Macintosh HD Users your home directory Desktop and delete the "Microsoft Office Backup" folder (as long as you have already archived it).X, including Microsoft shared libraries, such as Microsoft OLE, which might be required by other programs.Open the relevant folder (Library/Application Support/, /Library Caches /Library Preferences/ arrange all the files with an alphabet order, find out files associated with Microsoft Office and trash them in the folders respectively.When you Log in, hold down the Shift key.You can pick any of these removal methods.Step 2: Drag the main file of Microsoft Office to the Trash.Go to Macintosh HD Users your home directory Documents and delete the "Microsoft User Data" folder.Does not remove fonts in Library/Fonts/Microsoft does not remove /Library/Application Support/Microsoft Folder (contains merp, MAU) "Remove Office", an Office application is used to completely remove all Office files.Go to Macintosh HD Users your home directory Documents and copy the "Office Projects" folder to your Microsoft Office Backup folder.After you make sure that there are nothing wrong during the process to uninstall Microsoft Office and all the files and folders can be delete, black ops 15 prestige hack ps3 no survey you can right click on the trash icon and select.
You will need to have your key to re-install Office for Mac.

This folder contains your Identity with all your mail, contacts, calendar events etc are located in this folder.It deletes invisible files and preferences used by MS Office.Go to Macintosh HD Users your home directory Library Caches Metadata and delete the "Microsoft" folder.Having been gone through these three steps, the Microsoft Office on your Mac has been completely uninstalled from your Mac.Office Registration Cache X Microsoft.Saved Attachments (folder) User Data.Outlook Identity located in the Microsoft User Data folder contains all your emails, contacts, calendars etc.