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Machete 4.1 serial number

machete 4.1 serial number

Crashed into Black Sea near Sinop Nov 12, 1992, killing the pilot.
To civil registry as N9911Z.
21103 to os x el capitan installer Turkey Apr to Turkey Apr to French AF Dec 1944 tail.To reclamation at Tinker AF, OK as L-4K May 18, to Army Ground Forces Mar 31, salvaged as ZL-4B at Offutt AAF, NB Jul 21, to Army Ground Forces Mar 31, to reclamation at Godman AAF, KY Mar 8, to reclamation as ZL-4B at Spokane.0544 (MSN 91) to amarc as AC0143 Oct 19, 1992.SOC Apr 14, to RAF as Thunderbolt II KL231.Caught fire on takeoff at Narvik Oct 3, 1953 and destroyed.10561 (MSN AF-491) remanufactured by Beech from.20434 (524th FS, 27th FG, 9th AF, attached to 1st Tactical Air Force Provisional) in taxiing accident at Saint Dizier Airfield A-64, France Mar 19, 1945.Purchased by Air America from CAP, Wyoming Wing and registered as N6622C Oct 25, 1963.As F-azbn, spent some time painted with false registration D-anbz for film purposes.20587 (527th FS, 86th FG, 12th TAC) shot down by AAA 3 mi SW of Heidelburg, Germany Mar 25, 1945.

100444 (MSN 18907) w/o at Warazup, Burma Apr 19, 1945.To civil registry as N (MSN AF-528) remanufactured by Beech from.Transferred to French AF Mar 31, reclamation completed DeRidder AAF Jan 13, to RFC Ontario, CA Feb 9, to RAF as Kittyhawk II FS438.20524 to RAF as Thunderbolt II KJ364.10566 (MSN AF-496) remanufactured by Beech from C-45F 44-87205.20465 (366th FS, 358th FG, 9th AF) in landing accident at Toul-Croix de Metz Airfield A-90, Lorraine, France Mar 16, 1945.1070 (MSN 43979) to masdc Apr 21, (MSN 43980) to masdc Jun 23, 1969 as CQ093 1072 (MSN 43981) on display at Charleston AFB, South Carolina 1073 (MSN 43982) to masdc May 15, 1971 as CQ186 1074 (MSN 43983) to masdc Aug 14, 1974.Aug 1975 - Dropped from Inventory, remained at Lowry (lttc) 82 - To Lowry Heritage Museum, lttc Dec 1994 - To Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Denver, Colo.To civil registry as N9958Z.0576 to amarc as TC1368 Mar 14, 1988.
20777 (MSN 41638) registration N920HP reserved handy recovery serial number Jan 3, 2007, taken up Mar 28, (MSN 41640, OH-58C) to N58GD Jun 1995.
0548 (MSN 95) to amarc as AC0050 Apr 6, 1992.