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Heroes and generalsing game data

heroes and generalsing game data

Their main objective is to destroy enemy planes first, then provide air support for the advancing infantry.
But, don't worry, you will always have your normal Machine gun on your plane with 1000 rounds to shoot down other planes.
For squad leader, the squad spot would be locked for the rest of the match after one of the member being dismissed.
It displays a faction of soldier chosen.Encounter edit edit source Available from the very beginning ( player level 1 this fast-paced game mode is meant to introduce new players to the game.As a beginner, you primary income most likely will be from your rank salary.Sometimes killing enemy soldiers is a little useful towards victory as it drains the enemy spawn tickets/lives (lives from the assault team).If you decide to equip scopes on any of your guns keep in smooth talking stranger by lisa kleypas epub mind they are fairly expensive to maintain, so make each shot count Warfunds Warfunds can be earned by commanding your troops in combat on the war map (General's tab in the menu).How do I destroy a tank?Capture Counter Note there's 'Attack' order above the counter, indicating the squad leader's order.Sometimes gold is given during giveaways or during special windows xp sp2 serial key list events, so check you inbox!However, grenades can damage/kill friendly troopers too.Usually there are 2 objectives, but the Airfield and the Forward Airfield maps have.
You can set up to 3 seats, but each seat needs 1 additional squad upgrade point.
By using the small arrows on the side, you can select different assault teams.

Paratroopers must choose a capture point as destination where their transport planes will fly to, then will spawn in the plane, and be able to jump out when it reaches the point, (or before, if needs be) unless the para planes have ran out.You're also able to equip vehicles with crates.Nvidia Graphics Card, aMD Graphics Card, vRAM.Keep that in mind when shooting!All of the game modes and maps described above are available in war battles; However, some are more common than others (Assault on Town and Mountain Town ).Important Controls M Map (right mouse click to zoom in/out).You have a choice between Armour-piercing, composite rigid or the High explosive ammunition on your plane.So do not destroy them unless they leave you no other possible way to advance (You can destroy them by shooting them).