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Greek-english new testament nestle-aland 27th edition

greek-english new testament nestle-aland 27th edition

Punctuation pauses: Yes *Flow: Excellent *Voice tones: Medium bodied *Enunciation: Clear *Recording Quality: Excellent *Ease to follow: Chapter headings are read aloud.
Strong's Dictionary to the King James Bible.
Isbn 10 isbn 13: Presentation Gender: Male Native Accent of Speaker: *Speed: *Phrasing - does the speaker keep together words and phrases which belong together, or are there unnatural pauses and word associations: *Inflection - *Punctuation *Flow: *Voice tones: *Enunciation: *Recording Quality: *Ease to follow.16) Availability of text.e.David Field Author: David Field Speaker: Andy Martin Organization: Free Online Audio Greek New Testament Sample/Demo - File format: mp3 Availability/Internet: mp3 files of each chapter Internet Links isbn 10 isbn 13 Presentation Gender: male Native Accent of Speaker: British *Speed: medium *Phrasing - excellent.Pronunciation *System followed: Modern Greek *Vowel Consistency: very consistent.Pronunciation *System followed: Modern, but jack ballo len va di ebook modified to more correctly imitate 1st century pronunciation.Content Greek Text: Westcott-Hort New Testament: Entire New Testament (recorded from ) Septuagint (including apocrypha none Other Religious texts: none Secular texts:none Other texts:none Reviews Spiros Zodhiates Author: Spiros Zhodiates (1922-2009) ( Press announcent regarding his recent death) Speaker:Spiros Zhodiates Organization: AMG (Advancing the Ministries.Pronunciation *System followed: Erasmian, but with hints of some modern vowel sounds (I will update this critique).Echo in background *Ease to follow: Each chapter is a separate audio file Errors: None Pronunciation *System followed: Modern Greek *Vowel Consistency: Always *Consonant Consistency: Always *Accents correct: Always *Idiosyncrasies: None Content Greek NT Text: Bambas Modern Greek version Septuagint Text: Bambas Modern Greek version.Inflection - Yes - more than most others Dramatization: Mild *Punctuation pauses: Always *Flow: A little stilted, occasional unexpected pauses (to take a breath?) *Voice tones: Clear, light (the voice of an older man) *Enunciation: Clear, some vowels occasionally cloudy *Recording Quality: Recorded on tape.Archer's, but it is very gratifying to learn that a highly respected Greek scholar has adopted for his personal reading of the Greek text a nearly identical method" (Don Potter) In general, its a fairly good read, but not my cup of tea.Greek Text from the University of York, UK Septuagint Text: NA Included New Testament Texts: Every book except Collosians Septuagint (including apocrypha NA Other Religious texts: None Secular texts: Other texts: Note: Review This is a very wonderful recording by an apparently native Greek speaker.
The Greek sections are also available as separate downloads instead of a single mp3 for the entire chapter.
Errors: None Pronunciation *System followed: Modern Greek *Vowel Consistency:.always consistent *Consonant Consistency: always window 10 full version iso consistent *Accents correct: *Idiosyncrasies: Content Greek NT Text: Bambas ( - Katharevousa - Somewhere between restored Attic and demotic) Septuagint Text: NA Included New Testament Texts: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Revelations Septuagint (including.

Louis Tyler 3 Different Texts: Westcott-Hort, Robinson-Pierpont (Byzantine Majority Text) and Scrivener's Textus Receptus Author: Louis Tyler Speaker: Louis Tyler Organization: Hebrew-Greek Audio Bible Sample/Demo - Westcott-Hort John 1:1-4 Scrivener's Textus Receptus: Ephesians 1, Ephesians 2, Ephesians 3, Ephesians 4, Ephesians 5, Ephesians 6 Robinson-Pierpont.Pronunciation *System followed: Erasmian *Vowel Consistency: sometimes inconsistent *Consonant Consistency: consistent *Accents correct: not always *Idiosyncrasies: none Content Greek Text: UBS4 New Testament: 1st John, Sermon on the Mount, all passages in Mounce's Graded Reader Septuagint (including apocrypha none Other Religious texts: none Secular texts:none.George Lamsa's English Peshitta translation Greek NT (Stephens' 1550 Textus Receptus combined with Scrivener's 1894 Textus Receptus) Egbert Nierop's Dutch Peshitta translation Greek NT (Tischendorf 8th) Pad van Waarheid tot die Lewe Afrikaans Peshitta translation Greek NT (Official Greek Orthodox Church NT) Old Syriac Curetonian.For conversational speed, this is not an appropriate recording.Ease to follow: spoken chapter flag.Any feedback is highly appreciated.Internet Links: Hebrew-Greek Audio Bible, Don Potter's Greek Page, Greek-Orthodox Text of Ephesians ( Byzantine Patriarchal Text isbn 10 isbn 13: na Presentation Gender: male Native Accent of Speaker: American *Speed: *Phrasing - *Inflection - Dramatization: *Punctuation pauses: *Flow: *Voice tones: *Enunciation: *Recording Quality: *Ease.The music was written by musician.Multiple lexicon search Show verses from: Matthew 1Matthew 2Matthew 3Matthew 4Matthew 5Matthew 6Matthew 7Matthew 8Matthew 9Matthew 10Matthew 11Matthew 12Matthew 13Matthew 14Matthew 15Matthew 16Matthew 17Matthew 18Matthew 19Matthew 20Matthew 21Matthew 22Matthew 23Matthew 24Matthew 25Matthew 26Matthew 27Matthew 28Mark 1Mark 2Mark 3Mark 4Mark 5Mark 6Mark 7Mark 8Mark 9Mark 10Mark.Content Greek NT Text: Nestle-Aland.
If anyone knows of any other free or for-purchase recordings of the Greek New Testament, please send in an email, and I will add it to the list.