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Disk or disc medical terminology

disk or disc medical terminology

These charts, of course, simply measure the total frequency of each spelling, without any consideration given to meaning or context.
The procedure enlarges your spinal canal to relieve pressure.The usage differences I outlined above still hold true.Ameya karve, m, "Dual-Listed Stocks an Accidental Insurance for India's Glitches Gov.Its what you feel if you run your hands down your spine.If you go to a dictionary and look up either word, you will see some variation of this definition, A thin, flat, circular object or plate ; a round, flattened object.Optical discs like CDs are spelled with a "c and other kinds of computer storage media such as floppy disk drives and external hard drives are spelled with a "k.".Intervertebral Disc See Disc.A fusion also refers to the way bone grafts knit together with the vertebrae above and below to form a new bone mass.In terms of your spine, this usually refers to a bone graft procured from a bone bank or donor.Linda searing, Washington Post, "For chronic lower back pain, yoga may work as well as physical therapy These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect login code different users php current usage of the word 'disk.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the.Foraminal Stenosis A condition describing the shrinking or narrowing of the opening for your spinal nerves.Fluoroscopy guides a surgeons hands in some surgeries.This is also in accordance with both AP and Chicago Styles, both of which call for disc to be used to refer to CDs, brakes, disc jockeys, etc., and for disk to be used to refer to most everything else.Foraminotomy A surgical procedure to widen the opening in your spine so that your nerve roots are not compressed.Thoracic The area of the spine that supports your rib cage.The Grammar Devotional: Print: Amazon, Barnes Noble, Powells, e-book: Amazon Kindle, Barnes Noble Nook, Apple iBook.

These conservative care options do nothing to remove the cause of pain.Making the correct choice for your audience, disk or disc, is important for your writing.Spinal Cord The nerve tissue that extends from your brain, protected by your spine.Adam lashinsky, Fortune, "Artificial Intelligence Invades Advertising The pain can stem from an injury or can develop over time from normal wear and tear on the joints, disks and bones of the spine.The words disc and disk both have the same meaning.Ruth brown, idahostatesman, "Idaho Gov.
To show how the computer industry has changed the frequency of this spelling, look at the below chart.