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Diablo 2 full game

diablo 2 full game

Instead of limiting magic to one or two classes, Diablo 2 grants all of its five characters the ability to specialize in their own set of talents, whether it be magical spells or otherwise.
The twice-as-large stash (your item storage chest) is wonderful, giving you a lot more time to decide what you want to keep and what you dont, which is especially important now, since the thousands of new itemsincluding new charms, jewels and runespresent seemingly never-ending possibilities.
No longer a problem in Diablo 2, where Town Portal scrolls are so ubiquitous that you find them around every corner and in every hollow tree stump.
Finally, in June 2000, Diablo II erupted onto the shelves to enormous popularity.Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is an expansion to Diablo.He has raised an army and attacked Mount Arreat in the Barbarian Highlands.The disc version requires installation of the original game and invites you to either import your original characters, or to create new ones.If you find that you dont like where your character is going, you have the option of resetting your entire pool of skill points -once- and re-allocating them from scratch.

Quitting the game also has the nasty effect of respawning everything, yes every monster that youve painstakingly clobbered in your previous gaming session.Title: Diablo II Lord of Destruction.We vanquished Mephisto and Diablo himself, but Baal, the last of the Prime Evils, remained unscathed.Youre low on health and Mana, your weapon just broke and a hoard of monsters are closing in fast.At the very least you can use it to store gear you dont need.There are several types of gemstones that grant different properties according to what type of socketed weapon or piece of armor you include them.Diablo 2 allows you to play both single and multiplayer games, and permits players to switch between the two.It also enhances and modifies the base game by adding the following: Two new character classes: female Assassin (has access to martial arts, shadow techniques, and traps) and Druid (can shape-shift and summon animals to fight on his side).Some seemingly innocuous but certainly annoying activities have disappeared: the tedious buy-a-potion, place-the-potion, buy-a-potion, place-the-potion activity owes its demise to the ctrl-right-click purchase option.System Requirements : Pentium 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95/98.Granted, about 95 of what you find in Diablo 2 is clutter.
But only at the cost shaun the sheep episodes indowebster of 20 of their loot.
Too bad it takes thousands of kills and innumerable mouse clicks to find.