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Chain reaction game for pc

chain reaction game for pc

Related Games: Top Mobile Games: Alien Chain: Alien Chain is an addictive chain reaction game for PC and mobile devices.
In the earlier levels, Left Click (using your computer mouse or touchpad) on any of the little bomb characters to eliminate it from the game screen.
In later levels, there are various additional stipulations which you have to adhere to in order to complete the level (as well as reaching the set number in the top left corner).Can you time your explosions to perfection?Chain Reaction for PC Windows is a new kind of strategy game that puts you against windows 10 raspberry pi desktop other humans to prove your planning and understanding of the problem.Some helpful links to share include.Ask your friends to vote too.The game Alien Chain is working on the most.As per objective, you have to have only your orbs on the board to win the game.The choose own music and maybe the skip levels features will only work if you start a new game with them switched.Can you eventually defeat the 5 Bomb Bosses?The objective of the game is to remove your opponents from the game to become the winner.Our site uses cookies to improve performance, security user experience, to personalise content ads, and analyse traffic.To do this, you must set off a chain reaction of mini-explosions that takes out as many of the scurrying characters as possible.New: Be the first to Rate this game!00 This game is Flash-based, and it appears that your browser does not support Flash Player.
The game is based on a black matrix.

The objective of the game is to hit a number of balls, which appear scattered through the screens of the game, to make them explode.As expected, each level of Chain Reaction will be more complex, and therefore, your goal is to get even more explosions and reactions.Rating:.2/10 - 38 votes, bomber Blastic is a challenging, timing-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requiring good strategy and luck where you must cause a chain reaction of explosions that eliminates a specific number of bomberman-style characters in each level.Exe program in the game folder and enter 15432 as an access code.This difficult, old-school action game for kids and teens requires good observation and concentration skills, tactful timing and mouse-control, and above all great patience!Minesweeper.5.1 Release 2, nice VGA/wvga minesweeper game for Windows Mobile Pocket.You are now following Learn4Good Games News.Make sure to carefully read the message that appears at the beginning of each level to know exactly what you need to do to progress.To play, you need to increase your browser window size or use a higher resolution for your screen.Are you ready for a chain reaction?
Armed with just one click / bomb of your own, you must carefully time your strike so that it causes maximum damage in each scenario.