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Assassin creed iii thanksgiving patch

assassin creed iii thanksgiving patch

"infiltrating southgate" - Fixed multiple bugs where the guard on the boat could walk in circles, stay stuck or jump on the railing.
It now drops at the users feet instead of dropping in front of them."johnson'S errand" - prevent the player from using hide spots during part the mission to avoid a possible mission break."unconvinced" - Fixed a bug where the player could enter the tavern too early and break the mission."THE angry chef" - fixed missing butcher hatchet during cinematic if blood option is turned off.Assassin's Creed III, pC, pS3, xbox 360."feathers AND trees" - Fixed a bug where the optional objective "Do not touch the ground" could fail too easily.Also patches players which savegame are already stuc."A bitter END" - Fixed a glitch that could happen if the player restarted the mission during a specific cinematic.
"alternate methods" - Made the chase section easier.

Fixed fire emblem 2015 wii u a rare bug where the Homestead upgrade progress could be lost after fast-travelling to the homestead.Added a failsafe to the animals navigation, to prevent them from getting stuck."laid TO rest" - Fixed a bug where the mission could be failed if redcoats start fighting the mission targets."bridewell prison" - Closed the cell doors while being escorted to prevent the player from getting stuck in them."something ON THE side" - Fixed missing ocean during the chase.The Smoke Bombs drop behavior has been updated."something ON THE side" - Made the chase part easier.Several issues which occurred when players would quit a Manhunt pre-session lobby and join their friends the same session later have been corrected."welcome TO boston"- When replaying the mission, when asked to buy a sword and pistol, those items would already be purchased.Fixed a bug where the player could not equip a color change on the normal outfit from a shop if they are currently wearing a special outfit.
Fort ST-mathieu - fixed a bug where the player could respawn inside the fort's reset zone, which could break the fort's logic.