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Adventureworks db for sql server 2008r2

adventureworks db for sql server 2008r2

After sample databases download is completed, setup can be started by running the executable installer.
To select one or more devices for the Backup media box, click Add.This check box sets the database to crack sleeping dogs pc single user mode before performing the restore operations, and sets the database to multi-user mode when complete.Notice that the values are enclosed in parentheses and separated by commas.Change Compatibility Level, once the database is upgraded to SQL Server 2008, execute the below T-SQL code to change the database compatibility to 100 (SQL 2008).Connect to SQL Server 2008 instance using SQL Server Management Studio.Note: if the database is in simple recovery mode then you only need to perform a full backup and a full restore.Please note that with new releases for SQL Server sample databases, these download links might change.You can also include an output clause in your insert statement to capture the statements results for auditing or verification purposes.The statement returns the values that were generated automatically when I inserted the rows, as shown in the following results: StaffID, staffguid, fullName, modifiedDate 1, stephen Jiang 07:56:59.487, thats all there is to adding data to specific columns.To demonstrate how this works, I first created the SalesStaff3 table, shown in the following code: Suppose I want to insert data into the SalesStaff3 table that I retrieve from the Sales.
You can also find additional examples of the insert statement in the topic insert Examples (Transact-SQL) in SQL Server Books Online.
Yes you can do it, as you want to restore the database of SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008 I will say it as a "Migration" of Database.

The first is the newid function, which generates a guid for the Staffguid column.The list contains only databases that have been backed up according to the msdb backup history.Now when you run the statement, all four rows will be added to the SalesStaff1 table.This topic is relevant only for SQL Server databases that use the full or bulk-logged recovery models.The second value, Stephen, is inserted into the FirstName column, and the third windows 8 rtm msdn iso value, Jiang, is inserted into the LastName column.In addition, string values are enclosed in single"tion marks.However, you can run most of these examples against the AdventureWorks database in SQL Server 2005, with minor modifications, such as changing the database name.In this case, 1 is inserted into the tables first column (StaffID Stephen film anak jalanan episode 8 is inserted into the second column (FirstName and.For descriptions of the options, see Restore Database (Options Page).The statement returns the following results: StaffID FullName ModifiedDate 289 Jae Pak 08:49:03.983 290 Ranjit Varkey Chudukatil 08:49:03.983 I also include a second select statement to retrieve the contents of the @InsertOutput, after the outputted data has been saved to the variable.